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Report Street Problems

roadupClick here to go to Fix My Street, where you can report problems such as potholes, broken paving slabs and blinking street lights.

Vote for Hastings walking!

Click here to vote for the Old Town as Britain's best walking neighbourhood (and do it before March 14th!)

Hastings Old Town is on the shortlist to win the Ramblers' Association's Best Walking Neighbourhood Award.  The Old Town is so compact that it is easy to walk to the local shops, pubs and restaurants, cinema, theatre, or doctor’s surgery. The attractive High Street and All Saints Street and the  twittens encourage movement on foot, and the seafront provides a level route for walkers.

The publicity from winning the Best Walking Neighbourhood Award would attract people to the Old Town and bring extra income to local businesses. Click here to find out more about the award.

Your councillors

If you live in Hastings Old Town, your Borough Councillors are James Bacon and Dawn Poole. To email James click here  or Dawn here. You can contact your East Sussex County Councillor Tania Charman by clicking here.  For regular updates on what is happening in the Old Hastings Ward, as well as information on upcoming events, please visit and 'like'  James' Facebook page.





Graffiti are not a new problem in the Old Town but in recent months there has been a blitz of tags on some of our walls. Hastings council will remove them if you complain – but only if they are on your property. Vivien Harrison has written a quick guide to notifying the council, which you can download by clicking here.

Protect Stade Walking routes

Sign the Green Party's petition at Change.org by clicking hereThe funfair owner has applied for planning permission to change the right-of-way that passes between the boating lake and the amusements, to build new rides, and to fence off open parts — including the lake.  There are 2 applications: click here and here to see them both.  The rights to enjoy unrestricted access across this area were established in 1893 during Queen Victoria’s reign.
If both applications are successful then the impact on the sea front would be considerable, and would virtually removes most planning constraints. The current leaseholder could easily build rides up to 35 metres high.
Old Hastings Preservation Societ have started a petition – available in the History House — and the Green Party have an online petition which you can sign by following the link at the top of the page. HOTRA have asked the Coastal Users Group to consider the matter on 27th February. We have also written to the Foreshore Trust Protector – Chris May - asking him to seek advice and clarify the picture.

Hastings Opportunity Area

In October 2016 the government launched Opportunity Areas, aiming "to build young people’s knowledge and skills and provide them with the best advice and opportunities." Click here to learn more.
This  intitiative is to run for 3 years in 12 towns around the country where social mobility is believed to be a key factor that impairs the performance of local children. There is a total of £78m available with £1m initially in Hastings.
HOTRA  cautiously welcomes the money but holds deep reservations around monitoring outcomes and securing lasting improvements.
At a meeting held on 9th May, the HOTRA management committee  unanimously agreed this resolution...

We call upon Hastings Community Network to help secure the best possible outcomes from the Hastings Opportunity zone. In particular we ask that :

  1. Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Schools be involved in independent monitoring and advice;
  2. a robust mechanism be set up that allows the local community to be involved;
  3. that the initial 3 year period be extended where successes are clear.

It is hoped that this matter be discussed by the Local Strategic Partnership at the earliest opportunity.

Please send comments to  dick@hotra.org.uk


Anti-social behaviour and dogs

Are you fed up with agressive begging, drug and alcohol misuse or thoughtless dog owners ?
Hastings Council are consulting on new Public Space Protection Orders.

You can read a summary of the proposal on dogs by clicking here, and on anti-social behaviour here. The full proposals are weighty documents of many pages. You can look at the dogs proposal here, and the full anti-social behaviour proposal here.
HOTRA has prepared a response which you can download by clicking here. If you wish to respond individually, take a look at this web page.

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