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Isabel Blackman Centre: an appeal to Amber Rudd MP


HOTRA would like all members to take a moment and write to the local MP and ask her to press ESCC to show compassion to the Centre users. Currently about fifty vulnerable individuals are being assessed. They have been told the Centre closes on 31st March. They were promised acceptable alternative local provision. But this promise is hollow. There are not 50 places available in Hastings that can offer the same quality of care. Some offers will cost as much as 67% elsewhere. As things stand on 31st March these precious people will see the end of their support.


This uncertainty is causing distress to the individuals and their families – where they have one. Many families depend on the sessions at the IBC to provide the time they need to support their relatives. For many users this is the only time they can go out during the week, otherwise they are stuck indoors. Virtually prisoners in their own homes.

Some points that you can make in your message to Amber Rudd MP
In 2018 both the Prime Minister and the Chancellor announced that austerity was over. Why are cuts still being made ?
Amber Rudd has found money to amend the Universal Credit scheme. Does she have the ability to find a very small amount to help the Isabel Blackman Centre ?
If new provision cannot be arranged by the 31st March what will happen to any unplaced vulnerable adults?
Sussex Community Development Association currently provide a high quality service at the Centre. How can Amber reassure users that this will continue elsewhere ?
Will Amber press ESCC Estates Department to delay their sale / disposal of the
building until all alternatives have been explored ?
Has Amber turned her back on these vulnerable elderly people ?
Write to
Amber Rudd MP at Swallow House, Theaklin Drive, St Leonards on Sea TN38 9AZ
Or email office@amberrudd.co.uk

Your councillors

If you live in Hastings Old Town, your Borough Councillors are James Bacon and Dany Louise. To email James click here  or Dany here. You can contact your East Sussex County Councillor Tania Charman by clicking here.  For regular updates on what is happening in the Old Hastings Ward, as well as information on upcoming events, please visit and 'like'  James' Facebook page.

Old Town wins Best Walking Neighbourhood poll!

Hastings Old Town has won the Ramblers' Association's Best Walking Neighbourhood Award!

Anthony Slack, long-time Hastings Old Town resident, nominated the Old Town. He said: “Whether it’s simply to visit local shops and restaurants, to go to the doctors’ surgery or to the local cinema or theatre, or just to admire our historic buildings, walking is usually the best way to do it in the Old Town. The well maintained green spaces, the sea views, and the pleasant places to stop for a rest and to socialise, all combine to make Hastings Old Town a fantastic, walkable community. We’re delighted that the Old Town has been crowned as Britain’s Best Walking Neighbourhood.”





Graffiti are not a new problem in the Old Town but in recent months there has been a blitz of tags on some of our walls. Hastings council will remove them if you complain – but only if they are on your property. Vivien Harrison has written a quick guide to notifying the council, which you can download by clicking here.

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