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For everyone living and working in the Old Town

PRESIDENT: The Mayor of Hastings
CHAIR: Vacancy

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Old Town Hastings

Snow falls in the High Street early one winter morning.

HOTRA exists to uphold and promote the interests of residents, businesses and those who work and play in Hastings Old Town. If you live or work here, we hope you will join us and have your say on the destiny of this unique corner.

The Hastings Old Town Residents Association has been continually active for more than 40 years. Paid membership is about 170. At the Annual General Meeting the Officers and Management Committee are elected by those present. During the year the Management Committee meets monthly to consider a range of local issues. Also there are at least two public meetings every year, usually with guest speakers, so that we can focus in greater depth on current concerns.

HOTRA maintains close links with Borough and County councillors and with the many statutory and voluntary organisations that shape the future of the town. We can demonstrate that we have real influence, although we do not always get our own way and many things take far longer to achieve than we would like! Our contacts also help us identify increasingly scarce sources of funding for projects and improvements.

We endeavour to represent the interests of the majority of our membership and the management committee is always on the lookout for new blood and new ideas, so if you would like to become more active in Old Town life, please let us know.
One notable recent achievement has been the establishment of the Hastings Storytelling Festival which, from 2013 has gained its independence, having reached a level of public acclaim and financial security.

Chairman: VACANCY
Vice Chairman: Dick Edwards
Treasurer/Membership: Phil White
Minutes Secretary: Jill Bradley
Committee Members: Hazel Lloyd, Ann Novotny, John Reynolds, Tim McEwan, Raquel Lebron, James Thomas.
Co-opted Members: Shirley Hawley, Mary Phillips.

HOTRA Constitution