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Other Retail & Galleries

Other retailers and galleries with Deals for HOTRA members

The following Old Town traders are offering deals for HOTRA members. You just need to show them your current membership card.

RXRX Fisheries have a Deal

Get 10% of your purchases with your Membership Card.

01424 445239
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habibi_sHouse of Habibi has a Deal

10% discount for members when you spend £50 or more (not sale items).

38 High Street
01424 422217

lloydsLloyds Pharmacy has a Deal

At 24-25 High Street members can now take advantage of 10% off everything except prescriptions and baby goods.

NEWSFLASH: Xmas gift selection now in stock. Also Flu Jabs (enquire at the pharmacy)

01424 420944

glass_sculptressThe Glass Sculptress has a Deal

At 48 George Street you can take advantage of a 10% discount on sculptures made by Michelle.

01424 729977        077888 67707

OldGalleryThe Old Gallery has a Deal

At 57 George Street you can get 10% off all Andrew Dennis original artwork and prints for HOTRA members.

01424 442035

Traders, do you have a deal for HOTRA members?

Read about the Trader Deal Scheme here. Sign up or notify us of a change in the deals you offer here. Download a signup form here.